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"First of all, thank you for visiting my new website, here you will find examples of my work and also information about myself. If you have any questions or feedback on any of my works, please feel free to send me a message via the contact me pages."

Since the eighties, I have been trying to link the ancient female statues uncovered through centuries of archaeology in Iraq with the mythology of their Sumerian creators. The meanings of the large eyes of these women inspired me to choose them as the subject for many of my paintings.

Looking back through history, from the time of Gilgamesh to the time of the poet Bader Shakir Al Saiab, Middle Eastern women have been depicted in art with those strong but beautiful eyes. The women of today are the same as those in distant times. As there were great women in history, there are immortal women today; they are inseparable rings. Their beauty has given me a diversity of studies that can only go deeper.

Those eyes have two looks to life; one look is promising and the other is dreamy. There is no doubt that the women in my life are beautiful, so it would be unfair to shelve this beauty without representing it through my art. My work is a clear representation of what the Middle Eastern women have been given from face and spiritual beauty.


My colours and materials are chosen to serve the painting. Some colours go with the light whilst others reflect the light. Moreover, they give the viewer the pleasure of moving closer to the painting to enjoy the different mixture that cannot be seen at a distance.

In the end, we have to agree that women have singular importance in the circle of life. The circle has 360 degrees and so have the eyes. The symbolism of the women in my paintings is an invitation to life through their eyes.

Maurice Haddad

Maurice Haddad
August 2004
Betzdorf, Germany.

August 2007 - Updated Gallery with more paintings

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